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Brand Story 

To transform the fashion industry, LML Clothing by Halfwait is dedicated to merging urban style with innovation and sustainability. 


Our goal is to become the premier wholesale clothing brand for both men and women, offering cutting-edge designs that embody uniqueness, confidence, and a forward-thinking mindset.


We envision a future where fashion is more than just a form of self-expression, it serves as a platform for positive change. 


By seamlessly blending urban and futuristic elements, we aim to inspire our customers to embrace their individuality and break free from the confines of traditional fashion norms.


At LML Clothing by Halfwait, we are unwavering in our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. 

Our vision is a world where fashion and environmental consciousness are interconnected. 


Through the use of innovative materials, technology, and production methods, we strive to minimize our ecological impact while delivering garments of exceptional quality.


Our vision extends far beyond the boundaries of the fashion industry. 

We are dedicated to fostering community and empowerment among our customers.


Through collaborative partnerships, inclusive campaigns, and immersive experiences, we aim to create a space where individuals can connect and feel a sense of belonging.


Behind the brand

Live my life.

LML Clothing by Halfwait began it’s journey into the fashion industry in April 2022.


Jon Barca is the Owner and Founder of the LML Clothing By Halfwait brand.


“An original concept that is based upon the authenticity and stylistic expression, portrayed through our unique backgrounds and influences that have inspired and helped shaped us individually with an effective approach helping to bring people together”.


The brand name idea that would become LML Clothing by Halfwait originally started out from the 3 piece Australian Rock band called Halfwait. 


Jon Barca was a part the band as the Vocalist and Guitarist, while at the same time working with an Influencer platform and Clothing Company Represent Merchandise, Based in Los Angeles, California.


Halfwait had just released their latest Single “Live my life” in November 2021 which is available on all leading digital streaming platforms supported by an Official Music Video for the release adding to the bands list of releases that Halfwait have released and established a global presence and following in the entertainment industry.


Halfwait had already planned to be touring throughout the US and Europe in 2020 although it wasn’t to emerge due to the pandemic.


It was during that period between 2020 and 2022 that things really started to unfold and lead to become what it is now known in the fashion industry as LML Clothing by Halfwait.


The name LML stands for the Title of the Bands latest single release “Live my life”.


Referred to as numerous variations of that brand name covering the involvement in various projects directly related to the brand within the fashion industry including LML Clothing Store, LML Clothing, LML Wholesale Clothing, LML Designer Footwear.


The brand is best known as an Urban styled and inspired fashion brand but it has since evolved into various styles and areas of Men’s and Women’s fashion styled clothing and Designer Footwear.


LML Clothing by Halfwait is an established and direct wholesale supplier for all the brands available products and ranges of Men’s and Women’s Wholesale clothing and designer made Footwear all being available for wholesale buyers either retail store buyers/ Distributors and Fashion buyers worldwide through the brands direct relationships with international partners through the extensive supply chain network that the brand has established with the leading international textiles organisations to help provide these benefits and pricing options to wholesale buyers.

Halfwait are an Australian Rock band who have been actively involved in the entertainment industry both touring and releasing music internationally since 2017 with their latest releases "My past" and "Live my life" both released in November 2021 and are available on all leading digital platforms together with the Official Music Videos which were both premiered on the Youtube platform by VEVO on behalf of Vydia.

Jon Barca Vocals/Guitar is the Owner and Founder of LML Clothing By Halfwait which started in the beginning of April 2022.


LML Clothing by Halfwait, Marika Magazine publication


"The brand has quickly established a global presence by impacting and effectively building the brands reputation in the urban-styled fashion industry through its innovative and unique style of branding since the launch of the brand in March 2022".

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